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Connecting the Dots on Reflex Integration, Pt 1

Gain clarity on the role of reflexes in a child's physical, emotional and intellectual development, and a hands on understanding of how to effectively assess reflex issues.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 10-11, 2022

 9:15 AM – 4:15 PM EST

ADHD and Sensory Processing

Current trends on ADHD, its causes and treatments. Includes practical assessments, accommodations and interventions.

On Demand Webinar

6 contact hours

Push in to the Classroom!

The Why and How for Related Service Providers

On Demand Webinar

(.2 CEUs available)

Chromebooks in Special Education

Extensions and features that help our students

On Demand Webinar

(0.2 CEUs available)

Caseload Management to Provide Effective Push-ins and Collaboration

Getting it done effectively

On Demand Webinar

(0.2 CEUs available)

Hot zones: Managing the challenges of daily life.

Receive tools you can use NOW!

On Demand Webinar

(0.1 CEUs available)

Benign Positional Vertigo in Children and Adults - Lab

A lab-based approach to the evaluation and treatment of the most common form of Vertigo

On Demand Webinar

(.55 CEUs available)

Meaningful Activities for Children with Complex Needs or on the Spectrum

A practical course to increase participation, access and communication

On Demand Webinar

(0.45 CEUs available)

The Resistant and Uncooperative Child

Practical strategies to manage challenging and uncooperative behavior in young children.

On Demand Webinar

5 contact hours

Smart but Scattered Practical Summit

A comprehensive, practical approach to assessing and treating executive functioning skills in the classroom, private practice and at home

On Demand Webinar

12 contact hours

Fine Motor Boot Camp

Serious about progress through play

On Demand Webinar

5 contact hours

Introduction to Sandplay

Learn a NEW Approach to help Children with Social-Emotional, Language, Learning, and Visual-Perceptual Challenges

On Demand Webinar

5.5 contact hours

Sensory vs Behavior

The chicken or the egg theory behind children with behavioral issues

On Demand Webinar

2 contact hours

Visual Skills and Impact on Learning

Compensation techniques for issues like acuity, visual processing, visual motor and integration

On Demand Webinar

(0.2 CEUs available)

Quiet the Noise© with the Guttmann Sisters


New episodes now available!

(CEUs available)

Motor Labs and Sensory Paths

How to develop and direct school-wide movement initiatives

On Demand Webinar

(0.2 CEUs available)

Communication Techniques that Work

Communication techniques that work for therapists and parents: building rapport, connection and motivation

On Demand Webinar

(0.35 CEUs available)

Ipad Apps in Pediatric Therapy

The best iPad apps for organization, behavior, sensory, fine motor, visual perception and handwriting

On Demand Webinar

(0.25 CEUs available)

Telehealth Tips Seminar

Navigating the journey of technology and treatment: practical tools to begin the transference of your skills to telehealth

On Demand Webinar

(0.15 CEUs available)

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